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Our company was founded by Mr. Khawaja M Maqbool who had a dream of providing high quality salon services to customers. He built this company on the principles of trust, respect, integrity, and teamwork.

Mr. Khawaja M Maqbool opened the first hairtime salon business in Pakistan in 1983. Through his hard work and commitment, he opened another branch in Pakistan. Mr. Maqbool's son, Mr. Khalil Khawaja owns and manages the hairtime salon in Franklin Park, NJ. Khalil's focus is 100% client satisfaction. He ensures that every member of his team is fully committed to the client and provides the best service in town. Once a Hairtime customer is a life time Hairtime customer.

Trust is a major aspect in not just the hair salon business, but in any relationship. When you enter Hair Time Salon, you are engaging yourself in a relationship with our stylists. We can assure you that you can trust these stylists to give you the utmost fabulous look that you desire.

Respect is another one of our values that we proudly live up to. We are loyal to our customers and always respect their wishes. Know that whenever you enter our Salon, you will be treated with generosity and kindness.